How Can I Get a Job in Canada?

How Can I Get a Job in Canada

Immigrants always come to Canada every year, securing a job has constantly been the challenge they face. Lack of Canadian work experience has also been a major factor in securing jobs in Canada.

The majority of Canadian employers are not also helping matters, as they value workers with more Canadian Experience. How can newcomers increase their chances of getting hired with limited or no Canadian work experience?


What is the next step now that you have decided to move to Canada? How do you secure the type of job you desire or any job at all to support you and pay your bills in Canada?

There are a number of things you can do, however, to place that job you will be in need of with or without having any Canadian work experience, especially if you do not have Canadian work experience.

This article will educate you on how to secure a job in Canada with or without Canadian work experience. 


How To Get A Job With Or Without Work Experience

1. Right CV and Resume

Your CV and Resume should be tailored according to Canadian standards if it must go through the selection process during job offers.

Your resume is an important first impression a potential employer has of you, therefore, make sure you have your CV or RESUME to the specified structure and content required by Canadian employers, this is certain to increase your chances of landing your desired job.

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Below are some things you can do to make your CV stand out to Canadian employers

  • Your CV or resume should be precise and short, to the point with headings and bullet points.
  • It should always be tailored or edited to the particular requirements of the job you are applying for.
  • Your education, professional qualifications, and other certifications should be well spelled out and highlighted.
  • You might want to redesign and structure your CV in line with the job you are applying to.

2. Highlight Transferable Skills

Smart candidates take the challenge head-on and exhibit that though they may lack the required Canadian experience, they can bring to the table a whole set of transferable skills such as adaptability to the Canadian context, communication acumen, interpersonal mastery, self-management, and relationship management. Also, ensure to list your personal or team achievements rather than your duties.


How you can excel:

  • Adapt your communication skills to suit Canadian audiences and use more Canadian terminologies in your resumé and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Translate your work experience into the Canadian context, so employers can understand how your knowledge and global experience will be useful.
  • Pre-empt the recruiter. Before they can pop the ‘No Experience’ question, show how you plan to get the experience – and training on your own accord.
  • Demonstrate how you plan to or are already improving your language abilities by taking English and French workplace language courses.
  • Research and join specific immigrant-serving organizations that offer training on industry-specific workplace skills.
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3. Understanding the Canadian Job Market

The Canadian job market is vast, but you can access it in a number of ways. As an intending applicant or job seeker, you must know where to look in order to get your desired type of job.


There are several Job hunting sites that you can avail yourself of. The first amongst many in Canada is the job bank.

The Job bank is a government of Canada portal that matches people looking for jobs with available job opportunities across Canada.

It is the simplest way of getting to know the nature of the job market in Canada. To access this, you will have to open an account, thereafter, you can start searching for jobs that are tailored to your skills and qualifications.

Other places to search for a job in Canada without work experience:

4. Accreditation

For you to land most good jobs, you will need for your credentials and qualifications to be accredited in Canada, especially if your field is in the professional sector like; Nursing, Social Works, Pharmacy, Medicine, Accounting as soon on, in other to increase your chances to land your dream job in Canada, you will need such accreditation.

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Other ways to get a job in Canada without work experience are 

  • Leveraging available tools like social media
  • Endorsement from previous employment from your home country and good references would help as well
  • Networking: Meet people, interact with people and you will be lucky to get a recommendation.
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